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Literacy Centre

Literacy Centre

Literacy Centre

Literacy Centre Programme
Following on from the success of our pilot Literacy Centre, WEIV has opened 8 Literacy Centres for illiterate adolescent girls. These are girls and young women 13 to 18 years of age who are not in the education system and who are needed to help work on the land, or in other ways earn money for their family. They come from the poorest families and no fees are charged.

Programme Aim:
For disadvantaged Schedule Caste girl students age 13-18 to become self-sufficient in living, through Functional Literacy and basic arithmetic.

Factors prevailing against education of girls:
* Poverty
* Home duties
* Agricultural work to support family
* Parents do not value education – they themselves are generally un-educated

Two years required in any one village to educate the girls in basic Hindi/English/Arithmetic. Most are interested in English, but Hindi is the main learning medium.

After attending the Literacy Centre, it would be possible for them to gain admission at Standard 2-3 at regular school, although the potential age discrepancy could be a barrier for older students.

Some girls attend classes, so then other girls become interested.

Classes are held from 10am till 2pm, enabling girls to complete family chores prior to coming and after leaving the Centre.

Women's Empowerment in Indian Villages

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