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Success Story 1:
This is the success story of Puja Kumari, age 14 years, daughter of Sri Bigan Sharma, Mahuli village, Guraru. She is studying in class ten. She has two Brothers and two sisters. Her father is a farmer. Puja is an active member of an Adolescent Girl’s Group. Her parent wanted to make Puja marry at this immature stage of her life.

Firstly, Puja talked with her parents and after that with staff member Srimanti regarding negative effects of early marriage and the advantages of marrying at the right time. Finally her parents were mobilised to postpone the marriage of Puja until she had reached a mature age. Now Puja is very happy, as well as her family. She is going to school regularly.

So, through the intervention of WEIV, we are bringing a smile and happiness to our targeted community.




Success Story 2:
This is the success story of Chandni Kumari, aged 15 years, mother's name Lalo Devi, father's name Bigan Paswan of village Marha. She is a member of an Adolescent Girl's Group and has attended all the meetings of her Group. She has been made well aware of bad effects of child marriage, due to the intervention of WEIV.

Her parents wanted her to be married at the age of 15 years, but Chandni and our staff member Srimanti have advocated to Chandni's parents regarding the negative effects of child marriage. Subsequently Chandni's parents have chosen to cancel the marriage of their daughter at this age. They have decided that Chandni will continue her education and be married after 18 years of age.

Now Chandni and her family are very happy with this decision.  So, we can see the very good impact of the WEIV Programme and we hope it will spread over Guraru Block where we are working.

Success Story 3:
This story shows that the women are being empowered in all respects, economically and socially via Self Help Groups.

A Child Development Center, teaching and supporting health education, is run by the Government in Barorah village. Health supplements, food and vaccines are provided for children and pregnant women, but none of the staff of this center were coming regularly, nor they were providing all of the available facilities to the people.

Members of the SHG met the Block Officer of this programme and complained about the staff. They also warned the Block Officer that if he did not take any action they would meet the District Magistrate about this. Now the Child Development Center is providing all the facilities to the people. The SHG has ended the corruption prevailing in this Government program.

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Women's Empowerment in Indian Villages

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